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UN: Diencephalon

"Hello. This is Bennett and you've reached my voicemail because I'm not in at the present moment. So leave me your name and a brief message and I'll...get back to you as soon as I am able. Thank you."

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So how does a night out on the 18th sound?
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[That sure was a whole lot of words to say one simple thing.]

Great. Meet you at 7 outside the Hive?
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Hey, Bennett. :)

I had a really nice time with you. I think we should do that again.

If you want to, of course.

(I hope you want to.)
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[But the reply finally comes, and that's the important part.]


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The doves are gone. Josh is back to his normal self.

And he's been thinking. About his date with Bennett, and about how he said he wanted to do it again, and about how they held hands, and about how cute she is, and about how he really, probably shouldn't get romantically involved with a demon, given his position here, but —

And —

What he's really wondering is how much of those feelings were bird-induced and how much of it was him genuinely liking her, even just as a person and potential friend. Because what if the doves got her, too? What if neither of them were their True Selves that night, and all those days after?

There's only one way to find out.

Ring ring, Bennett.]
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[At that point, he's all but convinced himself she's not going to answer.

But then she does, and he pauses, hesitant.]


[There we go.]

It's me. How, uh... how're you doing?
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[Here's the thing: Without the doves to keep Josh walking through life in a rosy daze, he's now painfully aware of things like the awkwardness of others.

And boy, this sure is... something.

It's still kind of cute, though.]

I'm fine. Busy, y'know? With work. I was just... I'm wondering if you encountered any, um, birds before our...

[Addendum: the awkwardness of others as well as his own.]

...a couple weeks ago.
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Yeah, those.

[Although, to Josh, they're all obnoxious.

Because he lives with them.]

Did any of them... have an effect on you? That you noticed?
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[He sounds like...

Like he doesn't know how to feel about that.

Should he tell her?]

I, uh. I just had... one. It made me a little giddy.

["a little"]
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No, no, I —

[He kind of trips over his own tongue for a second, there. What sounds is he trying to make? We just don't know.]

I had a nice time. I don't think it was just because of the birds, but... there's only one way to find out?


...we can call it an experiment.
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Yeah. I would. If that's something you'd also like, I mean.

[But she totally would, right? She sounds like she would.]
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We'll figure it out, don't worry.

[IT'S OKAY, BENNETT. It's okay. Breathe.

You're making Josh nervous, jeez.]
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I've been working extra hours, too. But we'll — yeah, we'll figure that whole thing out.


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[Josh has spent more hours than there are in a day trying to figure out how the here to gently frame what it is he needs to talk to Bennett about.

And he's come up with absolutely nothing other than the straight truth.


The not-completely-straight truth.

Which is a thought that almost strikes him as funny, except he's too nervous to find anything funny at the moment. Even that.]

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[Insert lengthy pause here.]


[This is already going really well.

Yeah, Danny. We have a secret inflation plan.]

I was wondering what your, uh, thoughts on... us are. [You can almost hear the facial expressions he's making: cringing, screwing his eyes shut, mouthing stupid. He pinches the bridge of his nose and soldiers on:] In terms of... exclusivity. Because.

[Because does not a full sentence make. That's what Toby would say, right now. And then he'd slap Josh in the head.]

— because we never put a label on this thing we have and I really like this thing we have but other things have recently gotten a little complicated and I know we're seeing each other but you used the term friends not too long ago so I'm just — I'm wondering what... your impression of this is. Of us. And where you want this to go.

[Did Josh... just try to out-Bennett Bennett?]
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tfw you realize you accidentally made this 100x worse

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[He sees it. Whatever it is, he sees it. It's not something he's seen before, not in Bennett, and it makes him even uneasier than he was a second ago.]

I can't —

[Josh thinks of Mandy and of how pissed off she was when they broke up, and how it didn't help at all when Josh tried to turn it into a whole thing about how it's not you, it's me, and how she threw a plate at his head.

In that case, it was actually both of them.

In this case, it's him. His expression turns horribly guilty.

What the fuck was he thinking, making this a video call and then almost immediately forgetting he did because he wished so super hard that he hadn't?


What I was asking was more like... what you want. Not just from this, but from relationships — uh, romantic relationships — in general. Like, long-term, short-term, going steady...

[She doesn't have to answer, though. He already knows.

He also knows she's going to answer, anyway, and it'll probably hurt.]
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[It's an okay of acknowledgement, an okay that says I can work with this. Because she's talking.

She hasn't hung up on him, she isn't yelling. She's talking. She's being honest, and her answer doesn't hurt so much.

— or doesn't hurt much, until he realizes the slight pang he just felt was pity. Then he just feels like an asshole. That's what hurts, the realization that she fell in with a guy like him, when she really didn't deserve it.]

I was talking to a friend about this. He was thinking of getting married, and... I mean, this isn't —

[There's a pause as Josh licks his lips and glances away, just for a second.]

I get that. I get not liking to let go. I'm the same way. But I also can't... wrap my head around the idea of eternity. [And then he adds, quickly:] Not that I think that's what you're looking for. I just wanna make sure I can give you what you're after and if it's — if it's long-term, historically, I've never really been able to...

[Just spit it out.]

Bennett, I can't commit to you right now. That's what this is. I like seeing you, and I like it when we go out, and I like... so much about you, there's so much about you that's... good. But I like someone else, too. [Someones else. Josh refuses to admit that much.] And I don't know what I want, 'cause I keep getting caught up in the idea of forever. I know how I feel, though. And if that's not enough for you, I'd also get that.
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[Josh feels like she's missing about half of what he said.

He also feels a little sick.]

I'm not saying I don't want this. [A gesture between them, their screens, even though she's not looking.] I've done casual before. But if that's not something you can do, I need to know.

[Not that "casual" has ever worked for him. Not that any part of him thinks, at all, that it's something Bennett specifically could do even if she wanted to.

...and not that he means casual like casual. His mind's pretty firmly made up, at the moment. It's just a question of whether he'll be dividing his time between three or two, and —

When that thought crystallizes, Josh goes sheet-white.

Oh, boy.]

Bennett —
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[Josh is left gaping at his screen when the connection's cut, like: What was that?

who was that?

It takes him a solid minute to finally put his phone down, so he can bring his shaky hands up and try to rub some color back into his face.

She's just mad. He can't blame her. She's mad, and she'll — ]

She'll get over it.

[Spoken aloud, to himself.

The silence of the room does nothing to reassure him. If anything, it just makes the skeptical tone in his voice ring back in his ears that much more clearly.]


[Yeah, no.]
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[ Why hello again, Bennet. Here's that familiar hoarse, too-loud voice. ]

You're not my first choice, but I'm running out of options.

[ What with, you know, the whole torture thing, although he did literally ask for that one. With that out of the way, he's going to get to the actual point. ]

You were splendid with the GPS device. I've got something new I need built. Let me know if you're interested.
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[ It's a lucky thing Squalo doesn't particularly care about the impression he's making on people as long as they do what he wants. ]

[ There's a moment of silence, almost as if he hesitates at first, but the answer's calm; ]

Mechanical hand that reacts to electric signals in the muscles. Can you do that?

[ His "friendships" with Winry and Tony and Kirk had been great, unfortunately all good things came to an end. ]

[ While he likely hasn't demonstrated it on purpose, considering she has tended to him in a hospital bed she's probably seen his prosthesis. ]
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[ Always happy to serve. ]

No. Well, sort of. The last one's still working [ he lifts it and wiggles his fingers, though the motion's not quite smooth ] but I ain't gonna wait for it to blow. [ Implying he had at least one spare made before. ] If you can fix the other, be my guest.

[ He holds up an unconnected, mangled fake hand (there might be some sparks flying out of the torn cable near the fingers), covered in some kind of red goo and fleshy scraps. How did this happen? Who knows. ]
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[ He likes people who love a challenge, just sayin'. ]

The sooner the better.

[ So no, no headline. He gives her a dirty look for the suggestion. Like hell he's handing over the last of his prosthetics. He needs a hand, see? ]

If you do a decent job on the first one.

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[ Well then, that sounds acceptable. ]

Great. Let me know if you need anything. I'll pay in full when I see the result.