Jul. 30th, 2017

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When Bennett still had her own voice, it had whispered something to her that night. The night that everything fell apart. It was so small, so quiet, telling her to perhaps think things through more thoroughly before charging head first into Caroline's crusade. But how could she have resisted her? Caroline, the only person that had ever shown any sort of care for Bennett the person and not just Bennett the scientist.

She knew how far Rossum reached. She knew how dangerous they could be. And yet, in the moment, it didn't matter what Rossum could do or might do, should the entire plan Bennett and Caroline had concocted gone to Hell.

It shouldn't have surprised Bennett when they forced her into what amounted to slavery.

If she had still had her own mind, she would have been impressed, blown away by the capabilities of this technology. Instead, as she sat across the table from that insufferable woman, DeWitt, Bennett had been in too much pain to think straight. Either be shuffled off this mortal coil with little ceremony or sign her life away, allow Rossum to use her mangled arm in some experimental nerve regrowth trial with the promise that she'd always have a job within the company after serving some sort of sentence.

Perhaps that punishment was worse than death. Not that Bennett knew that, her real mind now sitting on a hard drive. Bits and pieces of it now floating around in the databases the Dollhouse programmers drew on to create personalities.

As for her physical body, (that was now fully healed thanks to that experimental procedure on her arm,) the so-called empty shell, was now an Active in Los Angeles known to the staff as Delta. Not nearly as popular as many of the other Dolls, Delta was often left idle in the house, in the state of tabula rasa. Of course, some behavior patterns couldn't be scrubbed clean from a brain as vastly complicated as this one. Often times, Delta liked to keep to herself, even when other Actives would seek her out or be friendly, Delta would avoid them.

She was also the absolute worst offender of the rule "Do not go upstairs without your handler." If Delta could not be found, it was more than likely she had wandered up to the imprint lab. She would not be much of a bother, would still, as always, keep to herself and simply watch as Topher and Ivy worked.

Today, she sat on the couch, hands folded in her lap. Her big brown eyes fixated on the computer screen sitting on the desk. Insatiably curious, she was. But Delta knew better than to meddle. She was content to take refuge from the other Dolls up here. It was very rare for her to speak but for whatever reason, today she was feeling brave.

"You never sit down," she looks up at Topher the next time he passes through the lab, "Do you not get tired? I try to be my best but then I get tired."


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