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CR CHART FOR [community profile] littlehades

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Josh Lyman
Yeah, she loves him. Yeah, she told him that in the middle of torturing him because she's kinda twisted. Now realizing that she might regret that a bit. You gone fucked up in an epic way, girl. Oopsie daisy?
Lacie Baskerville
Bennett's best friend. Lacie is the only person in Hell that has seen both her sweet, nice girl side and her sadistic torturous bitch side. The fact that Lacie hasn't abandoned her yet has like, blown Bennett's mind a little.
It's rare that she meets another fellow genius. It's even rarer that she meets one with the same streak of absolute sadism. She doesn't ask about the mask, he doesn't ask about her dead arm. IT WORKS, OKAY.
Natasha Romanoff
The nice part of Bennett wants to desperately fix Natasha's head to prove that the Dollhouse wasn't all bad. The bad parts just want Natasha to go away because they were soulbonded because of the doves and Natasha knows too much about her.
Oboro briefly brought out a bit of her humanity. She just couldn't be ruthless towards a kid. She still struggles with why that happened. SHE'S EVIL, DAMMIT.
Kenzi Malikov
Kenzi defended her from a crazy demon this one time. If Bennett wasn't so shy, she'd totally reach out and want to maybe talk to Kenzi more. Maybe they'd be friends?
Superbia Squalo
This guy is crazy. He basically asked her to torture him. But he's also giving her a fun tech project to work on so she can't really complain!
Topher Brink
This is the guy that Josh made her think of all the time. Now this guy makes her think of Josh. It's a never ending, vicious, awful cycle because Bennett is a horrible person. Only Topher already knows how horrible she can be and won't let her run away. Idiot geniuses is an accurate summary.
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