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Application for [community profile] littlehades

💀 Player Information
Name: Emma
Age: 26
Contact: [ profile] lotusunset
Characters In-game: N/A

💀 Character Information
Name: Bennett Halverson
Canon: Dollhouse
Canon Point: After her death in 2x11 "Getting Started"
Age: 28
Description: Bennett is a fairly plain sort of girl. She's average height, big brown eyes with long brown hair. She's probably just a tad too thin but she's not emaciated or anything. She dresses modestly, her wardrobe mostly consists of the same cardigan sweater in various different, muted colors paired with a pencil skirt. She also wears glasses, which hang around her neck on a chain when she doesn't need them. She doesn't like to stand out in a crowd very much. Too bad for her, it's kind of hard not to stand out when your left arm is dead and in a sling like John Cassavetes in "The Fury."

Physical changes: Slowly, Bennett's dead left arm will start looking...more dead. Like something between horrid gangrene and Freddy Krueger's skin. That's awfully mean though, so if it's allowed to count as her freebie as well, I'd like for her to gain use of that arm back. Otherwise, I'll just start saving Hellbucks for that right away. =3

Powers: In her world, Bennett is lauded as a genius of the highest calibre. She has experience in many different fields but Bennett really shines when it comes to computational neuroscience and neural engineering. She knows the human brain inside and out and exactly how to change specific neuropaths, or program, a brain to create the desired effect. Whether this means curing a disease or inflicting terrible, terrible pain, she can do it and everything in-between. She's very skilled with computers. She can build them, program them and she's creative enough that she would be able to construct a wide variety of technological things with very limited parts. She also has an eye for extreme detail, often seeing ways to improve on already existing designs that other people miss. Physically, she's not very impressive, though when she loses her temper, Bennett can launch some pretty powerful punches.

History: Wiki!
Hell Status: Hell Newbie
What Brings Them To Hell: Bennett's sense of morality has always been...questionable at best. She made a career out of being an accomplice to human trafficking, very literally brainwashing people and very likely had her fingers all tied up in manipulating the American political scene in her world. Using her skills to inflict searing, searing pain is not above her, nor is attempted murder. While she's not nearly as bad as some, yeah. She's got the potential for some deep darkness in there.

The Pitch: Bennett is my forever muse. For a character that was only in four episodes of her series, she's incredibly complicated and arguably more fleshed out than some of the more main characters in Dollhouse. I've played her in tons of situations over the years and she never gets boring. Depending on the relationships she ends up building in a game, her place within it can vary greatly. She's a brilliant girl who could be capable of doing wonderful, amazing things that could change the world for the better but she's often times too shy to realize her own potential. On the flip side, she can also be very sadistic and manipulative.

In the show, Bennett's best friend is a woman named Caroline. When Bennett discovers that Caroline had been using her to get at the super evil corporation that she worked for, Bennett wanted to help Caroline take them down. Without thinking, because she cared for Caroline so much, she just went along with Caroline's plans to literally blow up the Rossum Corporation's headquarters and actively helped. A horribly violent act (especially since there were people still in the building) but one that could be seen as somewhat heroic. At least until some rubble fell on Bennett and Caroline was forced to leave her behind. Bennett saw this as the ultimate betrayal and the next time she encountered Caroline, she stopped at nothing to destroy her. She tortured her, grinning like a maniac all the while, delighting in Caroline's pain. Then she conspired to murder her by any means necessary, lying and trying to control everyone around her to achieve her goal. She's also prone to being manipulated a little herself. She's such a terribly lonely person that the second someone shows any sort of interest in being her friend, she becomes extremely loyal to them. So loyal that in some cases, it might even border on obsession. She'll do anything to make her friends happy, even if those things are absolutely despicable.

Deep down, I believe that Bennett wishes to be a good person but her sense of morality is just too messed up. She's been stuck in the world of an evil corporation that practically encouraged her sadism for a little too long. When she does horrible things, she truly believes she is in the right. She thinks she deserved getting revenge. Testing the pain limits of the human body isn't just fun, it's a legitimate scientific pursuit. Within the span of five minutes in the show, she goes from relentlessly torturing Caroline to getting slightly starry eyed and blushy over a colleague she has a crush on. This duality of her personality keeps me coming back to her every single time. She could be the sweetest, most faithful friend in the world or she could ruin you and everything you've ever loved without remorse. Whenever I throw her into a new game, I never know which direction she'll turn and I think Little Hades would be a great environment to watch her flourish in.

Setting Fit: For Bennett, coming to Hell will be something of a shock at first. She will likely isolate herself until she either gets a handle on the environment a little better or something piques her scientific interest. Once she's found something to study, she'll throw herself into that completely. As for Brimstone, she'd probably be an excellent candidate for being a punishment technician! She'd be a master of doling out that diabolical awkward silence one. She's really good at awkwardly staring at people and creeping them out. Or she could be the tech that's developing new and exciting ways to inflict pain. She'd be the reason that demons try to switch over to doing community service instead.

She'd also be an excellent candidate to work in Brimstone's R&D. If that's the route she takes, she'll likely try to develop an adapted version of the brainwashing Dollhouse tech for demons. It could prove to be an interesting tool for inflicting punishment! Or starting a Dollhouse just for Little Hades! Depends on if Brimstone would be interested in having a brainwashed army of demons that doubles as a fancy brothel, really. If she doesn't pursue that, she'd probably be equally happy just trying to develop things that would actually help people. I could see her taking a particular interest in trying to develop new gadgets for Reapers and others who travel to the living world. There's a lot of places she could end up getting her creep on, seriously.

Yay for TL;DR!
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